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Journal of Medical Sciences

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This is the 5th issue of our journal comprised of interdiscipli- nary material, which is why you will also find material about law as we asked Prof. Dr. Fahim Üçışık to share his thoughts on Health Legislation. He wrote an article titled “Inequality Amongst Healthcare Professionals in Cases of Patient Rights Violation” and undertakes a “contradiction” which we hope you will read with great interest. It is exciting to read the sub- ject, which concerns us all very closely, and from a different perspective.


Inequality Among Healthcare Professionals Regarding Violation of Patient Rights

Healthcare professionals work independently or as an employee of the public or private sector health institutions.
Private sector healthcare professionals, in case of violation of pa- tients’ rights, are obliged to pay compensation within the frame- work of a contract of mandate or a work contract, employment without mandate or torts and are subject to general terms within the context of criminal liability.


Prof. Dr. H. Fehim ÜÇIŞIK

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Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy

Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a neurodegenera- tive disease seen in people who have undergone multiple head trauma. It occurs as a result of repeated extremely powerful blows rather than a single trauma to the head. Although these accumulations begin to occur shortly after the trauma, symp- toms such as memory loss, dementia, confusion, depression, and behavioral problems appear within (a) few years.


Mehmet ÜNAL

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An Overview of Sexual Abuse in the Context of the Abuse of Power

Sexual abuse occurs all over the world regardless of many factors such as location, occupation, socio-economic and educational status, language, religion, race and status of the victim and the perpatrator. Many literature studies emphasize that sexual abuse is associated with power and hierarchy, not sexuality.



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Determination of the Knowledge Lelevls and Attitudes of Nursing Students About Authentication Required for Patient Safety in Clinical Practice Settings

Purpose: This research was carried out to determine the knowl- edge levels and attitudes of nursing students about authentica- tion required for patient safety in clinical practice settings, as descriptive.
Method: The sample of the study consisted of 73 students attending Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University Faculty of Health Sciences Nursing Department in 2019-2020 Education-Train- ing Year.



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Evaluation of Working Postures of Employees with Special Needs Using REBA and RULA Methods

Purpose: The aim of this study is; to ensure the adaptation of work to peo- ple and people to work by determining the ergonomic risks that employ- ees with special needs may face in the work environment and reducing the risks to an acceptable risk level. Humans have to actively participate in their working life to improve the quality of life and meet basic needs.


Öyküm AKAR Beyrul CANBAZ

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Examination of DNA Obtained from Fingerprints with Mini STR Technique

Backroung and Objective: Fingerprints are important evidence employed to identify the victim or the perpetrator. International organizations of criminalistics, such as Interpol and Europol, have set a certain minimum number of matches, in order to conclude that two fingerprints are identical.



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Treatment Approach to Oligodontics and Microdontics Without Genetic Anomalies: Case Report

Oligodontia was defined as the germ deficiency of 6 or more perma- nent teeth, excluding the 3rd molars. Oligodontia may occur due to a syndrome or serious systemic disorder, or it can be seen as isolated without accompanying the clinical picture. There are functional, aes- thetic, psychological and developmental problems in oligodontia pa- tients due to the large number of teeth deficiency.


Cengiz ÖZÇELİK Meltem Oğhan TÜRKOĞLU Handan AYHAN

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