ISSN: 2687-5349 / E-ISSN: 2687-5411 / PERIOD: Quarterly / YEAR OF START: 2019 / PUBLISHER: Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University

Yeni Yüzyıl
Journal of Medical Sciences



Dear colleagues, One Health is defined and understood as the coexistance of humans, animals and the ecosystem living in balance and every policy produced to maintain and sustain that balance. According to the World Health Organization humans, domestic and wild animals, plants and the environment are interrelated and interdependent in a broad sense. With this understanding, One Health can contribute to disease control and develop new and more effective the methods for prevention, and in the end a global health security can be achieved. One Health approeach can help humanity to realize the common benefits, risks and opportunities thus enabling the initiation of holistic solutions much more easily. This meaningful approach requires accurate and effective work for awareness. We think that scientific studies have great significance in this respect. We believe that our journal, in its general concept, can make a contribution in this direction.


31 JANUARY 2023

Volume:4 Issue:1 is published.