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Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÜNAL whose field of expertise is Sports Physiology wrote the invited review of this issue. He discusses the consideration of those injuries as work accident and/or occupational disease. Two reviews coming from psychology and biomedical engineering, titled "Review of the Theoretical Background of Suicidal Behavior of Creative People " and " Biosensor Platforms for Cancer Derived Exosomes Detection" follow. This time, our journal comes out with five articles from different fields. We sincerely thank our colleagues for sharing their very interesting data from the fields of Occupational Health and Safety, Otorhinolaryngology, Anesthesiology and Reanimation and Forensic Informatics. Finally, we would like to inform you that our Otology-Audiology special issue is being prepared for publication. Hoping to contribute to science ...


Sports Injuries; Work Accident? Occupational Disease?

Occupational diseases are the common name of the diseases that occur with the effect of the factors in the workplace environment. Occupational diseases in international sources such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labor Organization (ILO); It is defined as a group of diseases in which an effect-response, effect-response relationship peculiar to the work studied can be revealed between a factor in the environment and the affected human body.

Authors: Mehmet ÜNAL

Page Number: 6-11

Review of the Theoretical Background of Suicidal Behavior of Creative People

In this study, it is aimed to review the brief theoretical background of suicidal behavior in creative people. Suicide is often defined as the behavior of a person to voluntarily end his own life. In other words, it is the aggression of the person towards himself. In the attempt of suicide, which is the result of a feeling of helplessness that disrupts one's life, the individual may intent to die.

Authors: Ravana BAYOVA, Gül ÇÖRÜŞ

Page Number: 12-21

Biosensor Platforms for Cancer Derived Exosomes Detection

Early diagnosis is one of the biggest challenges in the fight against cancer. Traditional cancer diagnosis methods have some disadvantages such as requiring expertise, involving invasive procedures, radiation exposure, high cost and loss of time. For this reason, current research has focused on the development of faster, reliable and cost-effective diagnostic methods.

Authors: Kübra KELLECİ, Sevil ÖZER

Page Number: 22-31

Occupational Health And Safety Practices and Risk Assessment Studıes For Employees In The Central Sterlization Unit

Aim: This research aims to determine the risks that occur in central sterilization units in terms of occupational health and safety, to examine them in comparison with Fine-Kinney and 5x5 L-type matrix risk analysis methods, and to determine which method can be used for the unit as a result of the evaluations.


Page Number: 32-41

Comparison of Autologous Malleus Head and Hydroxyapatite Partial Replacement Prosthesis in Ossicular Chain Reconstruction

Aim: A wide variety of materials are used as a partial ossicular replacement prosthesis in ossiculoplasty. Data on the use of the head of the malleus for partial ossicular reconstruction is quite limited in the literature. The main objective of our study is to compare the functional and anatomic outcomes of ossiculoplasty using an autograft head of the malleus and hydroxyapatite partial ossicular replacement prosthesis (HA-PORP) in Austin-Kartush type A ossicular chain defect.

Authors: Filiz GÜLÜSTAN, Mehmet Akif ABAKAY, Emine DEMİR

Page Number: 42-49

Determining the Effect of Anesthesia Type on Pre-Operative Anxiety Level

Aim: The study was planned to determine the effect of the type of anesthesia to be applied on elective surgery patients on preoperative anxiety levels. Material and Methods: It was performed with 68 patients who were operated in the surgical wards of Istanbul XXXX Hospital between 20 August-20 October 2020. Face-to-face interviews were used for data collection. The data were collected using a data recording form and anxiety level STAI (State Trait Anxiety Inventory) I and II scales.

Authors: Nurgül ARPAG, Seher Deniz ÖZTEKİN, Nurten DAYIOĞLU, Hamdiye Banu KATRAN, Sevgi GÜR

Page Number: 58-66

Digital Forensic Analysis of Discord Messaging Application on Mobile Devices

Aim: Instant messaging applications are widely used in these days. People who use these applications can be exposed to crime as well as they can commit crimes with these applications. Forensic softwares are used to obtain evidence from instant messaging applications that are commonly used on mobile devices. The development of a new messaging applications every day makes work hard for forensic experts.

Authors: İsmail BARBAROS, Emel Hülya YÜKSELOĞLU

Page Number: 67-77

28 APRIL 2023

Volume:4 Issue:2 is published.