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Dear colleagues, The relationship between climate change and health is a matter of increasing concern worldwide. As the Earth's climate continues to warm due to human activities, the impacts on public health become more pronounced. Rising temperatures contribute to the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events, such as heatwaves, hurricanes, and floods, posing direct threats to human life and well-being. Heat-related illnesses, respiratory problems from air pollution, and the spread of infectious diseases are among the health risks exacerbated by climate change.


A Review on Investigating the Blurring Thought to be Experienced in Cognitive Functions During Pregnancy

There is a common experience of forgetfulness and mental fogginess among pregnant, often referred to as "pregnancy brain." However, the question of whether this phenomenon is genuine remains unclear. Pregnancy is a unique physiological process that involves significant hormonal and physiological changes in a woman's body. While the physical transformations during pregnancy are well-documented, there has been growing interest in investigating potential cognitive changes that may occur during this period. This review aims to explore the existing literature on pregnancy-related cognitive impairment and provide an overview of the current understanding in this field.

Authors: Pınar UYSAL CANTÜRK

Page Number: 160-165

2.5 Years Experience of Developmental Pediatrics Outpatient Clinic in a State Hospital

Developmental Pediatrics is a subspecialty of Pediatrics that provides a comprehensive approach to children with developmental issues during early childhood. In Türkiye, it was recognized as a subspecialty in 2011. This study aims to share information about the functioning of a developmental pediatric clinic at a state hospital by analyzing 2.5 years of outpatient clinic data.

Authors: Mehmet Akif BÜYÜKAVCI

Page Number: 166-170

An Evaluation of Servant Leadership: Sampling “Hayat bugün” (TV Series)

In the field of management, tools of popular culture (especially cinema, TV series, etc.) are used to connect theory to practice. Popular culture supports managers, employees, students, and faculty members in understanding many management-related issues by providing an interesting and educational experience. In this context, "Hayat Bugün" TV series was examined in this study to understand servant leadership.

Authors: Muhammet Ali ÇELEBİ

Page Number: 180-190

Effects of Anti-Scatter Grid on Noise Power Spectrum at Different Dose Levels in Digital Mammography

The noise power spectrum (NPS) is an important quality control parameter used to characterize the noise in a digital image in the frequency domain. The NPS is divided by the square of the mean value of the pixels in the region of interest (ROI), and this ratio is referred to as the normalized noise power spectrum (NNPS) and is used for noise analysis. This study aims to determine the effect of using an anti-scatter grid on the NNPS measurement.


Page Number: 191-197

Bioactive and Anti-carcinogenic Properties of Kombucha Prepared with Aronia Melanocarpa Juice

Polyphenolics derived from Aronia Melanocarpa may have beneficial effects in reducing the risk of several diseases, such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. Kombucha is a symbiotic system comprising cultures of bacteria and yeasts known as SCOBY. It is prepared by fermenting sugar and tea leaves. In this study, we aimed to enhance the beneficial aspects of Kombucha by preparing it using aronia juice as a fermentation substrate

Authors: Zeynep CALISKAN, Elif YILDIZ, Metin GÜLDAŞ, Ozan GÜRBÜZ

Page Number: 198-206

30 OCTOBER 2023

Volume:4 Issue:3 is published.